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All specification and detail sheets shown on this web site may be reproduced for
 use on any of your projects to establish a standard of quality for the signage requirements.

Because of the limitations of video/monitor reproduction of true colors, please email
us and request a free color chart for the item you are interested in.

SIGNSOURCE is experienced in the design and manufacturing of functional, high quality, cost effective signage serving the needs of the visually impaired, the disabled, as well as various types of State, UBC and local fire code signs. We are currently in our 27th year of business in the architectural sign industry.

We have developed a series of sign systems addressing the standards of the various ADA requirements that will compliment any building. We urge you to copy our specifications and details and use them on your various projects to establish a standard of quality for these signs. While the sizes and designs for the room number signs and the interchangeable message signs are suggestions for this type of sign, they are not limited to just this design, size, or shape, so please contact us with any of your ideas or requirements.

Our 1/16", 1/8" or 3/8" Ultramatte Finish Cast Acrylic materials comply with all the requirements of ADA. We use only Rowmark Quality Acrylics with 3M adhesive ADA graphics and Grade II Braille translations. All our products are computer generated using Dahlgren and Xenetech Computerized Engraving Systems. We have the ability to modify any of our product lines to suit your job requirements with custom submittals for approval to verify all the information needed.

Because we manufacture our signage, we are continually expanding our capabilities and our knowledge in the sign industry. We also offer Cast Aluminum, Cast Bronze, Photoetched Magnesium, Photoetched Zinc, Photopolymer ADA Compliance signage to meet custom or standard specifications. Please contact us with your exterior and interior signage requirements if you feel we can be of assistance to you.


Deborah J. Byerley